Thursday, February 4, 2016

The First and Hopefully Not Last Post

Have you ever heard the phrase "That's somebody's daughter?"

A few weeks ago as I was boarding a plane I saw something I've never given much attention to. I saw men. Not that I've never seen men before, being a man myself but this time it was different. Not only did I notice these men but they were all kinds of men, scattered along the plane. Businessmen, college students, old men... and a dad. I think it was the dad that started this for me because I'm one as well. His little girl was screaming in anguish as it was her very first flight and not to mention past her bedtime. Without his girl you'd never think him to be a father: messy hair, scruff, dirty shirt, hasn't slept for 2 days. (Although now that I think about it, most father's look like that). Have you ever had that moment where you think everyone around you is single? No kids, no spouse, no significant others and then... BAM! It hits you! A reality stick... much like you this person is responsible for something, someone in their life depends on them and relies on them for a moral, emotional upbringing. Even if they don't seem responsible they do have responsibilities. My point is, the moment he had his little girl he was a father and when I stopped for a moment I noticed that most of these men, if not already, would become fathers as well.

So back to my first question, have you ever heard the phrase, "That's somebody's daughter?" It was a very popular phrase when I was growing up expressing that one of the reasons we should respect women is that they are a child of someone who loves them, someone who it would kill to see their "everything" disrespected. When I passed by these men, I had a similar thought... get ready for it... it's a doozy! I'm someone's father! (I know right? Didn't see that coming... unless you read the title, read my profile, read the 2 previous paragraphs and can see the picture of the man in the background with a little girl). At that moment I realized that I had another reason to respect myself, I'm somebody's father. Could you imagine somebody treating your father like trash? Or worse? Your father treating himself like trash?

I guess that's why I started this blog... in a society that is working so hard to redefine what gender is, what the roles of men and women are, I'm learning for myself what being a husband and father is all about. My hope is that in writing this and other posts you can laugh and think while I laugh and think at myself, as I try to become the man I needed when I was growing up...

-Somebody's Father-

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