Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spiritual Thought- "Let me fight your battles"

Tonight, I am grateful for many things... 

This week God knew that I needed to workout my emotions as I was getting a little spiritually fat(and I don't mean that in the good way). I asked for humility and patience, I asked to get closer to Him and begged for missionary experiences once more, this in no way implies perfection, it just implies that God listened. 

After a long day on Wednesday, I felt overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain about a many great things with my future and as I drove around, I found myself in front of the Gilbert Temple. I turned my music off, jumped out of the car and walked... I felt the strength of God overcome me. Yes, I was still concerned with certain issues, but the overall anxiety was hushed. Something my boss told me hit my mind... "Let me fight your battles"... it hit me then... if I let Him (God), He would fight them for me! I bear my witness and testimony of God and His Son Jesus Christ. He lives! He lives in those we love! He strengthens us in our trials, and when we seek shelter in Him, He "will fight your battles for you."

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