Saturday, July 30, 2016

Funny- "Dear Past Me..."

Dear Past Me,

I hate you! As you are fully aware there are times you make decisions to do something or to to put it off for future me (me) to deal with. Today I found out you decided to do the latter. While moving into our apartment a year ago, a box broke while placing it into the closet. The junk covered the entirety of the floor and when past Wifey asked you what you would do, you said and I quote "it's future me's problem." 

Well the day has come and I'm moving into a new home. I went into the closet and you'll never believe it! A pile of random junk laid on the floor! It should have taken 3-5 minutes to move boxes into the car... it took me 30-40 minutes to clean up your stupid mess. Old check books, right foot church socks, vaccination records and an old cheese stick were just a few of the things I found. 

Irritated, I shouted to Wifey "who left this stupid crap in here?!?!" To which she gently said "don't you remember? You said and I quote 'its future me's problem'". For that I hate you! So let's make a deal, if you are willing to take care of your problems then and there, I promise to give you credit when it's due.


Future Me

-Somebody's Father-
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