Saturday, July 23, 2016

Funny- "If two year olds named children"

Before I begin this story I need to preface by stating that my apartment complex stinks of flies. It turns out during the summer season that flies basically surround the bottom portion of our complex. To help with the issue, I bought fly paper, which now hangs around the apartment and drastically reduces the fly population, but left an impression on my children I didn't know about until today.

You see, it's not often I get to have breakfast with my girls, so when the weekend comes around you better believe I'm there for some milk and cereal. Our conversation started as normal, as it would with a 2 year old: "food please". We discussed the politics of Sophia the First, whether or not an orange is an apple and when mommy finally sat down, we asked Numba One (our two year old daughter) if she would be ok with more siblings down the road. The conversation went as such:

Me: Do you think we should have more babies like sister?
Numba One:...hmmm... yes...
Me: Do you think we'll have boy?
Numba One: .(she paused)..Yes...
Me: And what would we call your baby brother?
Numba One: (this is where the fly paper came in... she paused for a moment, looked up and said)..Fly Zicki...
Mommy: Your baby brother's name is "Fly's Icky"?
Numba One: (she smiled) Yep! Fly Zicki!
Mommy: (To me) Where did she get that?
Me: The fly paper?
Mommy: I guess there's worse...
Me: Well then, Fly Zicki it is and we'll call him Everett Christian for short!

-Somebody's Father-

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