Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Funny- "Nope, I farted"

Since Numba Two was born my wife has had a rough time getting sleep. We agreed that Wifey gets her at night and I get her in the early morning (not a good idea for Wifey or Numba Two). This morning as I laid with my crying baby, begging her to go back to bed, I finally lost it, stuck out my tongue and..."Pffffffft!!!" I blew a raspberry at her chubby little face... to my surprise she quieted down. 

She gave me this look as to say "What? What the heck was that?"

As her silence turned into a minute of peace, I picked Numba Two up, held her tight, laid my head on my pillow, closed my eyes and a "Pffffffft!!!"broke into the air... 

...I immediately looked over to see this ball of cuteness smiling bigger than the Sun, when all the sudden "pffffffft!!!", she did it again... this time with spit all over me. So, like any mature, understanding, kind father I "pffffffft!!!" her back. This war went on for a few minutes till Wifey turned over and said "Did you teach her raspberries?" I looked at her trying to think quick on my feet and said "Nope, I farted" and as quickly as I lied she fell straight back to sleep. 

This is reason #3,831 that she loves me.

-Somebody's Father

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