Thursday, July 14, 2016

To my loving Wifey...

There is a large part of me that feels I need to write this (and it's not to increase readers, because if they weren't reading before, they aren't reading now)... I love you... you lay asleep from a hard day of being the best wife/mother a man could ask for. You are truly the best... I hope you know this... I love driving with you to get food even if it's overpriced Panda Express... I love being in the same room with you... I love that the girls are loved, even when it seems like it's not possible... I love that I can tell you when I'm about to lose it and you still love me. There is no other woman who could love them or me the way you do... when Numba One cries, it's for you... when you are not around she asks for you... when you are not around, I ask for you because you are truly the only one who gets me and my heart hurts without you... I promise to love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever... Promise!

-Somebody's Father

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