Sunday, August 21, 2016

Funny- "She's catching on!"

It's been almost 3 weeks since we moved and while sleep training Numba One hasn't been 100% successful, we've finally gotten in a decent routine that works for us. We Pray as a family, read scriptures, sing bedtime songs, lay in Numba Ones bed with her for 30-40 mins and once she falls asleep, carefully turn tail and get the heck out of there. Here's the thing though, kids normally catch on quick, so once they realize what's going on they don't tend to normally go down without a fight.

Case in point, the other night as my daughter and I laid in her bed she began to quiet down and do this little whisper for a snore. I knew this was my moment and slowly wriggled my first leg off the bed when all the sudden- WHAM!!! Her small, but rock like, foot kicked me in the crotch.

Now, it's one thing to be kicked in the crotch but it's another to know your daughter did it on purpose... I laid there biting my bottom lip knowing if I had any chance to leave I could not make a sound. I let the surge of pain pass and after a few minutes of feeling out the room, I went for the escape again. I slowly wriggled my foot to the ground till I actually touched the ground. I took a huge breath and as I tried to cautiously roll off the bed-SMACK!!! Straight to the crotch again!(may I point out the room is pitch black dark, seriously! You can't see your own hand in your face so knowing she's making home runs every time she kicked me was impressive.) Wincing in pain and doing everything not to let her know she was winning, I again laid quietly... I slowly worked to pass the pain I was experiencing reminding myself that while she may have kicked me twice, she was still my daughter and I loved her greatly.

Finally, what felt like an eternity was only 20 minutes but enough to drive me crazy. As she began to snore, I tried again, this time inching my foot to the ground every 30 seconds and when I touched the ground I immediately guarded myself... But nothing happened. Relieved, but still guarded, I rolled myself up slowly but surely... Again I quickly guarded my goods, but nothing. It had happened! She went to sleep and I was home free, I just need to sit-up and stand up. As both hands went to the mattress to support my weight- you guessed it- WHAM!!! I laid down the rest of the night, not for choice but because I was too sore to try again.

-Somebody's Father-
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