Saturday, August 27, 2016

Funny/Food for Thought- "Relax and enjoy the flight"

I have been flying a lot this last two weeks, which has really limited my blogging time, but it's also opened my eyes to what's been in front of me the whole time- Life. I'm writing this on my flight back home and as I began this post the flight attendant said something so overly used that you would not notice it's depth: "Relax and enjoy your flight". It's so hard to enjoy anything when you're flying... you either freak out about the turbulence because you watched "Lost", the giant man with his own humid climate is sitting next to you or the small drink the flight attendant gave you barely quenches your thirst cause there is more ice than drink!- "I said no ice Cassandra!..." Seriously though... 

The point is, when was the last time you really enjoyed what you were doing? 
(that's Numba One and I ripping out carpet... it was nasty...)

Did you look out the window to see what millions before us only dreamed of?

Did you use pano on your phone? 
(I did... The man next to me really needs to read this post...) #SharingisCaring

It's weird to think that feats of impossible works were done only years ago and while we reap the rewards, we deny the benefits by ignoring the wonder of what men and women worked so hard to achieve. I'm the son of a Latino and a white person... I can only imagine my great grand parents hoping for the blessings their great grandchildren would reap one day (more the Latino than the white people, no offense, Let's just be honest us white people have had it good) and when I imagine what my own parents sacrificed so that they would have half of what I have now, it makes you think of what we take for granted.

So, what am I suggesting? Be grateful... 
When you fly just remember this... You... Are... Flying! Also, you flew and lived to tell the tale! 
Or you are reading this while your plane is going down in which, cue dramatic music, why are you reading this in the first place?!?

When your home has a roof leak, be happy that you have a roof to leak from... 

When your child cries for you, just remember, they are crying for you... 

When you look at the person cutting you off in traffic, remember you have fingers to do what you just did... You know what you did...

But to finish beating a dead horse, be happy for what you have when you have it, find the joy in the journey, because honestly who knows how long you'll have it for... I leave you with the final words of my flight attendant "we hope you have enjoyed your flight, safe travels to your final destination and we'll be landing soon".

-Somebody's Father-

P.S. This was an analogy brought you by life- "Life, live it while you can!"
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