Monday, August 15, 2016

Funny/Spiritual- "She peed in what?"

I normally don't cry and I normally don't get sick... but when I do, they are normally at the same time. The truth is, this month has been a test of my patience and a reminder to act in faith. As stated prior, even though we were ready to move, the new home didn't seem to be on the same page. It's needed a new carpet (which by the way is way less easier than it sounded), paint, railings for the stairs, garbage disposal, toilet, sink repairs (possibly a new sink) and other repairs that will take time for us to complete. Add that our kids are feeling the stress caused by moving, the lack of time my wife and I have had to ourselves this past 2 weeks and me almost dying from the flu (over-exaggeration, but it felt horrible) and you'd understand why a grown 27 year old man would end up crying in his car on his way to Burger King.

You read that right, the stress of everything going on in our life killed me so much I began to cry... in the Burger King drive thru... I guess the thought of "having it your way" hit too close to home...

The truth is, I've been struggling... I've been begging to God these last few days to help me keep it together. I forgot, however, that when you ask for His help that He not only provides you with blessings, but he does it through opportunities. When that happened, I got the flu and I lost it... everything felt out of control... I didn't give up faith in God, I just couldn't keep focus on the bigger picture...

Here's a good analogy (and example of what is currently happening in our home), our daughter Numba One is "potty trained". I have added apostrophes to add that while she's actually trained she does not use the bathroom properly all the time and has been recently having relapses. The interesting thing about potty training is that it takes constant and daily discipline to make sure your child understands how and when to use the potty. Some child specialist recommend "Potty Training Boot Camp", in which the parent dedicates three straight days of hardcore focus on their child by taking them to the toilet every 30 mins and avoiding using any diapers/underwear. By doing this it is stated that your child will get the idea almost instantly, but the problem we found was that even though my wife was consistent with Numba One and worked her rear off, trust me, results were not instant, in fact they happened over time.

In one funny instance my wife ended up texting me the picture below:

In case you can't tell... take a second look. You see the cup holder in the tray? 
You see how it looks like Apple Juice? Yea, that's my kids pee! She purposefully distracted Wifey and then urinated in the cup holder...

What's the point? 
God was spiritually potty training me and I wasn't having it. It's hard! It's not easy to be consistent, to get down on your knees, to pull out the scriptures, but it pays off. Most times, you do your part but it doesn't make it any easier. When that happens, it's important to understand that it doesn't guarantee your challenges will go away, it just promises that when the challenge is over that you will be grateful that you never gave up (also, it also makes for great photos to laugh at in the future). 

-Somebody's Father-

To finish the story of a grown man crying at Burger King and then getting the flu... After taking a day off to get better from the flu, I drove to the house the next day to work on the renovations needed for us to move in and when I pulled into the driveway, most of the work, if not all of the work was done. Let's just say this... Angels often take form of family, friends and loved ones. Thanks to all those who have been helping answer our prayers. 

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