Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Spiritual- "Sausage with a side of bacon"

A few months back I was struggling with the concept of answers to prayers. With all the issues that popped up in May, I found myself on my knees praying to God for help almost as much as I find myself typing on my blog today. The point is I was wanting God to solve my problem then and there but what I wasn't realizing was that God knew that I wasn't ready... and He was answering I just wasn't listening then.

One morning I was cooking breakfast for the girls, it was pancakes, omelets and sausage w/bacon (Yes, sausage with a side of bacon, You read that right the first time... congrats, you now know that I'm fat...), When Numba One came to me saying "Food Daddy! Food, pwease!" It was the cutest thing in the world but the food wasn't ready yet. Eventually that cute little "pwease" turned into screaming and that turned into yelling... I stood with a full stove of sizzling bacon, rising pancakes and fluffy omelets... and to my right was an advertisement for hunger stricken children (or at least she acted like it, trust me we feed her). If she would've just stopped and looked up she would've understood that what I was doing was for her and if she would've waited a little bit longer I was going to give her what she wanted and more.

At that moment I stared at Numba One screaming and yelling and saw myself. I saw what God was doing and realized if I would just wait, I would see what was coming and I would love it!

I leave you with this, I know God lives! I know he listens and I know he is working up something perfect for you. I don't know exactly why it feels longer than others... sometimes it's to make us more loving and other times to give us exactly what we need.

-Somebody's Father-

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