Monday, September 19, 2016

Food for Thought- "Little light of mine"

Growing up I was well known for having yellow teeth and even questioned by a few doctors. When I was 13 one doctor thought it was so bad that he asked me if I smoked or drank coffee, when I told him no, he looked at me and asked if I wanted my mother in another room so I could feel more comfortable to discuss my teeth. Finally, I met a smart doctor who explained that I had teeth like a beaver. Enamel so strong it was yellow. While I was proud to know I had strong beaver teeth, I was sad to know I had strong beaver teeth... who doesn't love to hear that. You know what's better than that? How about kids at school singing "this little light of mine" every time you smiled... yep that happened... So since the first day that Numba One started teething I have worried everyday that she might have my yellow teeth genes and tonight I got especially concerned.

She smiled that big smile and I swore for a moment I saw yellow enamel... Freaking out I said "Numba One, do you have yellow teeth?" She immediately said "Yellow Teef!" and smiled! I'm not so sure why... but her giant smile became a symbol of acceptance of not just her "teef" but her father as well. She didn't let silly fears and other people's insecurities weigh her down... she accepted herself , became that "little light of mine" and "let it shine". This is reason #33,871 why I love my daughter.

-Somebody's Father-
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