Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Funny/Food for Thought - "Aquaman Sucks!"

A few years ago I found myself in a heated religious discussion that was never more personal than this one: Superman or the Flash?!?!

Side Note: Oh... did I forget to mention I'm a geek? So by "religious" I meant geeky. And to be honest there is no conversation more geeky than this(but stay to the end it has a point.)
Anyways, back to the story where I was a 19 year old at my best friend's high school graduation party arguing about Superman or Flash with her 3rd best friend. The detail is not so important as much as the resolution, but to help give you an idea the conversation went something like this:
(For the sake of a name, we will call my opponent "Newb", myself "SF" and my brother who will soon join this, "MB".)
Newb: There is no way that Superman wins!
SF: Whys that?
Newb: Are you kidding? He's not even on the same level of speed as Flash...
SF: One punch from Superman and the Flash is dead!
Side Note: Now at this point I'd like to remind you that Newb and I were both fresh out of high school and I had not yet evolved into my more sophisticated spiritual self.
As we were yelling with a circle of people "cheering" (laughing at us, it depends who you talk to), my 13 year old brother came to the side of us, put one hand on each of our opposing shoulders and said:
MB: Guys! Guys! Let's take a second to breathe... and remember before you go any further what's really important... (he had a point so I turned to look at him) AQUAMAN  SUCKS!!!
I hope your laughing because I was... despite being young in years my brother had a point. I mean not so much about Aquaman, he does suck! But about remembering what's important... so often I see people get heated... I know I do and the thing I have to do is remember "Aquaman sucks!" What does that mean? What does that mean? It means 2 things:

1. Celebrate your situations- The first means, that despite my situation, despite my abilities, there is someone else who is struggling worse than I am. Instead of whining about my situation or making it worse, I can embrace my strengths, help others and carry on! 
Example- once while driving I was cut off, my face reddened, my mouth prepared to open and my favorite finger began to rise- but then my brain cut me off and said "didn't you do that once too? Don't you think he might be going through something similar?" So, I ignored him and continued my drive.
2. Celebrate your differences- The second is like unto the first. Instead of arguing why you're better, why not celebrate what makes you different. Trying to put someone down for something you can do or putting yourself down for something they can do only leads an increase in anger. However, accepting differences and working together despite it is what makes us better.
Example: I've had a lot of rivals (some in my head and some in real life) but the thing I've learned is rivals come and go, and normally you realize you never win if you have rivals, you can only win if you have friends.

The point is this, in a world of super heroes and villains, in the end it's not about who wins but who loses... and that AQUAMAN SUCKS!

-Somebody's Father-
 P.S. I'm a Batman guy myself, but Superman would kick the Flash's butt.
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