Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Food for Thought- "Trust Yourself"

I want to share two stories with you and then a funny from my "SketchBook".

Story #1
When I was toddler, my Mom often told a story of taking me to the grocery store, (you may be able to relate). During our trip I started to cry uncontrollably. She grabbed me and started to console me... after a few minutes I was still crying and there was my mom, holding me still... an older lady came to her side and said "You should let him cry it out, it's good for him." She then put me down, thanked the lady and continued down the aisle with the new advice to let her child cry it out. As time went by, I kept screaming, but the quiet never came... 

After 15 minutes of trying this, a different lady stopped my Mom again and said "You really shouldn't let him cry it out, try holding him"... at this point my mother thanked the "kind" lady and walked away. 

Story #2
When your first child is born it feels like you are sailing uncharted waters. It's new and scary, but at the same time it's fun and adventurous. When Numba One was born, I remember holding her in my arms and feeling this love in my heart that I never felt before... it was brave and tender and it overcame all doubts and fears I had as a father. I grabbed her and I put her in what I called the "Sloth Hold"... basically, you put your child facing the inside of you arm, with their head resting on the inside of your elbow and when she was fussy, I would pat her back. Now to be frankly honest, many friends and family would often stare at me and some even commented that my hold was strange and that my patting reminded them of someone "smacking a bag of flour", but when I held her that way it felt right and she'd often smiled and laughed. The truth is, our daughter had a horrible time feeding and so we were struggling at the hospital and tried having her both breast fed and bottle fed. It got so bad after a feeding that she started to cry, you could she the pain in her eyes... I grabbed my girl, put her in the "sloth hold" and began to pat her like a bag of flour... I remember seeing the eyes of my friend... I felt judged and uncertain to if I was even doing it right and started to doubt myself... but almost instantly, I heard the cries stop and burps that sounded like it belonged to a 300 lb fat man. I then turned her over and saw a smile that brightened not only my day, but my entire life.

The Lesson
So, what's the lesson from these two stories? While it's important to learn from others and to be humble... it's also important to note that sometimes as a parent you know best! It's your child and nobody will know your child like you do. I remember that after burping my daughter I asked the nurses if my friends were right about how I was holding my child or even patting her and they said I couldn't have done it any better. So again, remember it's so important that you heed the advice of others, but also... it's your child... trust yourself... cause nobody know your child better than you.

A Funny
If you're anything like me, you realize that shopping is just one of the necessary evils in order to keep your kids alive. It's not that your kids are evil or even that shopping is evil... but somehow when you put the two together, you're lucky if you even make it out alive. 
This week in "The SketchBook" we do a tribute to grocery shopping!

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A Tribute to the Horrors of Shopping

 (The SketchBook is a comic strip I started a month ago. It's done in a real sketch book that I bought, with some additional help from my computer. If you like it comment below so I know to keep it going! Please note I'm still learning on doing panel comics like the one above. In addition to the full comic, you can also see the individual panels as you continue to scroll.)


"I'm King of the world!" "You've never even seen Titanic!"

"CANDY! CANDY DADDY!"  "...Taker her she said... it'll be fun she said..."

"You really shouldn't feed your child processed sugars"

-Somebody's Father-

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