Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Guest Post- "How Baby Daddies Can Make Their Baby Mama's Day with Little to No Effort"

When Somebody's Father originally started there were only a handful of people who read, liked and supported this blog. Among those people was a good friend of the family, Amber Prusse. Amber is many things: an awesome piano teacher, an incredible Utah photographer, doctor mom(to her kid), all around supermom and best friend to her husband but today she's "A Sassy Wife" with a word of advice that every husband needs to hear to help their marriage go a little longer, trust me it helped me. 

-Somebody's Father-

Dear Daddies,

We get it. Work can be tough. Your boss might be a jerk. You lost that ping pong game against your rival, you might be pulling your hair out because that co-worker just isn’t pulling his weight. That’s why when you come home, you may need to just disappear into the bedroom, turn on the game and yell at the refs for awhile. That’s fine! You work hard for the family so that we can put food on the table, shoes on our feet and hopefully the occasional date night with that special lady in your life. Making your mama’s day really doesn’t need to be a bouquet of flowers, a surprise date night or help with laundry (although all those things won’t not help!) Here are four ways to make your lady feel special that takes no planning, no money, hardly any time and little effort. But it will make her day!

1.Give your mama some alone time- A few weeks ago, I got the chance to get my hair done. When I was in the car on my way to my hair dressers, I realized that this is probably the first time in MONTHS that I had been alone. You bet I soaked that time in to listen to my song of choice and sit in the car for an extra 10 minutes after I was done just to enjoy not hearing MAAAAAAAAMMMMAAAA! One of the greatest things that my baby’s daddy does for me is take my kid away!! Especially at night when it is close to bedtime and the kiddo shows no sign of falling asleep. If they are bouncing off the walls now, just imagine how they were when their battery was charged at 110% after they somehow found the chocolate stash. Take them for a drive, watch a movie with them, keep them out of mama’s hair! Your mama will love the chance to go to bed early, do laundry without the piles getting ruined 47 times or just watch that episode that is just not quite appropriate for your kiddo. You drive around, just sit with your kid and let your mama soak in that alone time!

2. Compliment Her- Yes, I usually only wear makeup, maybe twice a week. Make up is expensive! And when you have a kiddo that decides he wants to try to put on makeup to, it’s just not really worth the hassle. Most of the time, I go with the natural look...no, not the look where women still apply 20 minutes worth of makeup on and call it “natural.” I mean the pioneer, Amish, I maybe had a chance to put on moisturizer look. So when you send her a text saying, “Hey beautiful <3,” it really will make her feel special. And when she does have a chance to put on her face, express how awesome she looks. Because she probably sacrificed a lot to put it on that day.

3. Let her choose what to watch on Netflix-  There is a very high chance, that if there is an opportunity to watch a movie I want to watch after the kids go to bed, I’m going to fall asleep during it. It’s a family disease called, “If I start a movie after 9:30pm, I’m going to fall asleep.” It’s an epidemic for mother’s all around the world. BUT! Chances are, I watched a lot of stupid kid movies, sang a lot of ABC’s and didn’t have much connection with the adult world. Your mama needs some adultish TV! Let her watch Jane the Virgin or New Girl. Maybe even some Grey’s Anatomy. Or get into a stupid reality TV show with her. Root for someone! You might get into it and enjoy it! Letting her have a choice will make her evening better. You can change it 10 minutes into the movie when she’s fallen asleep if you want.

4. Pray for Her- I’ll be honest and say, I need all the blessings I can get. I need prayers to help me get through the day without a nap. I need the prayer that my two year old won’t throw too many tantrums. I need prayers to help me get through my personal crap that I’m going through. Your mama needs your prayers! She needs it. She needs to hear that you are thinking about her and what she is going through. She needs to feel that you are aware of personal and family struggles. She wants to know that she isn’t alone. She needs to feel her Heavenly Father’s love. She needs help getting through the day with a little more kindness towards her kiddos. She needs to feel uplifted. So in your family prayers, couple prayers, personal prayers, thank Heavenly Father for her. Chances are, she’s praying for you too.

Dads, we love you! We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for all you do for us!


A Sassy Wife

Dads! What are some tips and tricks that you have found to make that lovely lady in your life feel special? Moms! Do you have any “little to no effort” ways that your husbands can help you out? Leave a comment!
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