Thursday, November 3, 2016

Product Review- "Funbites"

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post from FunBites and all views and opinions are the views/opinions of Somebody's Father.

What is it?
Funbites is a plastic food cutter used to make food into smaller bites and funner shapes (Yes, I said funner and I'm sticking with it!). Initially this is for kids, but if you're like me there is no such thing as an age limit.

-Easy to use
-Easy to clean
-Child safe (The plastic shouldn't cut your children. I consider this a plus.)
-Comes in different shapes. (We used the basic square cutter)

-Not for children under 3 years of age. (Learned this the hard way)
-Better with soft foods than hard foods. Ex.: Pizza.
-Not for food training

-Somebody's Father Approved! I love it! The wife loves it! And the kid loves it too! (Kinda the target audience.) Makes food fun and reduces food waste.

The Review
When we first heard of Funbites, it was kinda exciting to be able to try something that would make the kid's food bite size. I don't know about you, but when I make sandwiches for Numba One, she sometimes, if not always leaves the sandwich looking like Cookie Monster ate it. It sucks, because she rips the sandwiches apart and makes it inedible for anyone else that may want to share her leftovers. When it came, we had pizza and two starving girls, so I pulled it out and began the fun bite process, put it over the pizza, pressed down and pushed the pizza bites out with the pusher. I'll be honest in saying that the pizza bites were great but because of the hardness of the bread it took a little more effort than I wanted, but the results were still good! We tried it the next night with PBJ sandwiches (in the video above) and it went over great, if not better! Again we set it over the sandwich, pressed down and pushed them out and we had these little PBJ bites with little delicious pockets of jelly! I'm a huge fan of PB&J so when it came out simple, easy and delicious trust me when I say it made me and the kid happy! To be honest, I love it more than Numba One and she is a huge fan. Normally at the end I have to scrap the sandwich leftovers, but because it was leftover "bites", I left it on a plate waited till the kids fell asleep and the wifey I had a nice little snack. 

If there was one thing I would note it's this, I wish it was friendly for all ages. For me personally Funbites is not for introducing food to kids just starting out, but more for the picky eater or just for the Dad who wants to change it up! 

So from my house to yours I would say this is a good buy! See the video for a demo of the product and some fun moments and if you're interested go to their website at

-Somebody's Father-
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